Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, I lived and worked for a year in Yendi, Ghana. While there I fell in love with the spirit of the Ghanaian people, especially the children. They are beautiful people and their bright smiles and humor shine through. But the poverty and need in the area weighed heavily on me, even as I returned to my life here in the states. I knew that God did not send me there just to teach for a year then walk away and return to a life of abundance. So I have prayed, sought answers, and tried various avenues but “unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders labor in vain”. Then I heard from my friend and “son” John.
John is a police officer, his wife Dorcas makes fabric and sells it. John and I had talked often about helping the children who hung around my neighborhood and the market; children who are either orphans or whose parents or relatives cannot care for them. John’s heart was also burdened, but we did not know where to start. When the Lord decides to build a house though He knows how to do it. A good friend of John’s, Pastor Musah Kalari of Yendi had “an inborn vision” that he had been “working on for years” (his words) to help the children of Yendi. He has five orphans and a rejected widow living with him and his family. He has also identified several children at a school who are orphans. With his own money from his pastor’s salary and farming he is trying to build an orphanage and provide for these children (and from my knowledge of the incomes in northern Ghana, this is quite a task!).

John and I have now decided that this is where we start, where God is already at work building the house. Pastor Kalari has already purchased land and started building the house. He now needs a roof before he can begin moving the children in. I have agreed to help him raise the funds for the roof. In the meantime, he will begin the process of registering the orphanage as a Non-government Agency (NGO), we will create a web site, and we hope to present the children for sponsorship. I am so excited that God has sent someone in Yendi to do the footwork and begin to help these children. Our dream is that the orphanage will continue to grow (we have 6 acres) and that we can help many more children through feeding, clothing and/or school programs.

Please pray and consider how you can help with this project. I find it very inspiring that Pastor Kalari has even found the way to support these children and begin building the house. At this time, we are only raising the money to finish the house (less than $2,500). Let me know if you are interested. You can message me through Facebook, email me or call (541-556-6400). I will keep you informed of progress and let you know when the website is up and running.

Thank to all of you,

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